Why We Come to Work Each Day

Because your people are your greatest asset…

We are passionate about inspiring extraordinary performance - within individuals, teams and entire organizations. We believe highly successful organizations - the ones best at winning business, leading change, engaging employees and driving results – are those who prioritize people development.


The Founders


Kim Morrow

"My passion for helping people become the very best versions of themselves is what drives me, because I believe everyone has the ability to be truly extraordinary."

For nearly 15 years, Kim has partnered with boutique firms and Fortune 500 companies to build capacity and enhance performance at all levels of the organization. Her industry experience spans financial services, professional services, IT, media and advertising. Fueled by an inimitable optimism and love of people, Kim has coached professionals across a broad spectrum of roles: CFOs to sales teams, financial analysts to creative directors, engineers to Olympic athletes, and countless others.


Hope Timberlake

"I love helping people stretch to become better communicators, influencers and leaders. Warmth and humor are the tools I use to help people recognize gaps, build on strengths, and ultimately, become more effective professionals."

Hope has worked with clients for more than 10 years to enhance their performance and workplace influence. Through programs that simultaneously build understanding and impart valuable new skills, Hope helps individuals and groups become more effective as leaders, presenters and team players. Her energetic, creative, results-driven approach makes her training and coaching sessions fun, engaging and impactful.


Our Partners


Johanna Beyer

Johanna Beyer received her Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA and her Master’s Degree in Organizational Development from California Institute of Integral Studies. While working as a management consultant for The Grove Consultants International, she learned the fine art of strategic facilitation and led hi- level executive teams in creative strategic planning for long-term success. In 2000, Johanna joined The Idea Factory where she focused her attention towards helping organizations become more innovative. She worked closely with Nokia, IBM and the The Ministry of Education in Singapore. In 2002, Johanna added one-on-one leadership coaching to her consulting work. Johanna has been privileged to work with people and teams across the country to help them move past their obstacles and fears so that they can uncover their creativity and gifts. By using different facilitation tools and processes, Johanna is able to guide people to the clarity they need in order to live more purposeful and abundant lives.


Sara Ironside 2nd edits-4.jpg

Sara Ironside

 “I believe that everyone is capable of greatness – I enjoy helping others realize their potential and find ways to do what they do best every day.”

Sara has been in the ‘helping people succeed’ space for over 15 years.  She uses humor, a results-driven focus, and a curiosity about what motivates others to help leaders and their teams achieve their business objectives.  Sara partners with clients to provide executive and team coaching, leadership development solutions, organizational design guidance, customized workshops, and meeting facilitation to help them be more effective in their roles.  She has a keen understanding of employee and organizational dynamics and openly respects unique cultures and histories.  As both an internal and external consultant, Sara has been fortunate to work with a wide variety of leaders and teams across industries.